Introducing Bluelab Studio!

It has become more increasingly obvious that Bluelab Design has needed a range of media and mediums to communicate and convey information to our clients. Especially prevalent during 2020 where coronavirus was an international problem, we found it harder to have a personable relationship with our clients that we would invite for coffee and lunch, or set up product and educational seminars for lighting.

We built a range of media such as Instagram to post out products and projects. We took our discussions topics to LinkedIn where members of the lighting industry would join us in conversation. We also dedicated ourselves to a monthly Mailchimp newsletter to 200 subscribers within Australia and New Zealand. Our seminars would be hosted online as webinars through virtual meetings.

Our new idea is to create informative videos as easy consumable content for our clients. That is why we are introducing Bluelab Studio; our new Youtube channel that will have videos of our recorded webinars and informative sessions.

Our first video is cut portions of our 2021 webinar; “Economics of Lighting” with speaker Dariusz Kacprzak. Not only is he the Director of Euro Lighting Ltd, but a Senior Lecturer of Electrical Engineering at the University of Auckland.

To view our Youtube channel, click here to see our homepage. To subscribe to our Mailchimp to receive the latest information and news on Bluelab Design and ETAP Lighting, click here