ETAP Lighting, light control system

When it comes to lighting, the hot topics today is how to save energy with energy-friendly luminaires and concepts such as daylight harvesting. The EasyDim2 is the perfect integrated example of a control system which can save up to 60% energy with.

The control unit contains a built-in daylight sensor, a built-in movement sensor and a Bluetooth sensor. The unit has an LED indicator to show when the system is on and when it is connected to the app via Bluetooth. With the use of the app, daylight-dependent control and movement detection, this can easily save up to 50% energy.

The other 10% is saved through the use of push buttons. Depending on the installation and application, the push buttons can be used to control different lighting scenarios, control different lighting areas individually or switch and dim luminaires.

The EasyDim2 app is available on Android and allows for easy commissioning or adjusting. The user is able to select their rooms, scenes, areas and scenarios.

For more information on ETAP’s Easydim2 sensor and lighting control system, click here.