K1 Universal mounted Exit

- K1 Universal Mounted Exit signage light with EST+

K1 Universal Mounted Exit signage light with EST+ extensive self-test or ESM monitored.

ETAP K1 Universal mounted Exit

The K1 Universal Mounted Exit signage light has 4 clever mounting options, set within the compact design.  Surface mounted, suspended, wall mounted and recessed options all maintain a discreet design ensuring that the K1 Exit is not imposing on the interior spaces.  Manufactured from impact-resistant polycarbonate the K1 is robust enough to be installed in most areas with IK04 and Ip42 ratings.  The K1 is easy to specify and install, competitively priced the K1 is the best choice for project lighting.

The K1 offers “ESM” monitored testing or “EST+” comprehensive self-testing.  The EST+ runs regular tests on function, LED function and with a built in light sensor, EST+ will ensure the light output is to ASNZ2293 requirement of 9 Candela, battery duration tests and function.  between 2 – 4 times a year the battery is drained to 90 minutes and recharged for duration testing and battery health.

All ETAP Exits and Emergencies come with NiMH (nickel-Metal Hydryde) batteries as standard. When Cadmium Batteries were banned, ETAP switched to NiMH on their entire Emergency lighting range.  Not only are NiMH batteries cadmium-free, they also consume less energy and are 50 % more compact.  Lithium has been proven to be unstable in heat and flammable plus harder to recycle at the end of the battery life.  ETAP offer Lithium Iron Phosphate with a 10 year warranty on request.

The K1 has a fast supply for all EST+ orders.

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K1R142_1-A K1 Exit with EST+

K1R143_1-A K1 Exit with ESM