U2 – R2 Flat panel Clean room Luminaire

- U2 -R2 Flat panel luminaire

U2 - R2 Flat panel Luminaire with high efficiency

U2 – R2 Flat Panel Lighting

Flat panel diffusers lighting has become an absolute must for the general illumination of offices, schools, health care facilities and public buildings, which makes sense since diffusers provide comfortable and pleasant lighting. With the U2 series, ETAP teams these intrinsic advantages with superior performance, minimalist look and long service life.

Brightly and evenly illuminated spaces – U2 recessed luminaires guarantee brightly and evenly illuminated spaces in which it is pleasant to work or stay. They are also finished to a high standard. U2 luminaires also create uniform light  comfortable lighting across interior spaces including appearances of lighting on the ceiling with the diffuser’s homogeneous illumination. The U2 – R2 is up to 143Lm/W

High efficiency  – U2 luminaires provide well designed light distribution with particularly high efficiency. This will allow you to keep energy consumption under control and illuminate your spaces with the fewest possible luminaires – even where stringent requirements are imposed in terms of lighting level and comfort.  The U2 – R2 will help reach our BCA requirements for green-star building.

Smart investment –  The LEDs’ long service life and high lumen maintenance turn the U2 series into a smart investment for the long term. With the smooth cover plate luminaires are easy to clean. They form a compact, sealed unit, thus keeping dirt and insects at bay, with these attributes The U2 – R2 is a perfect product for Hospital, commercial Kitchens and other Clean room environments.  The U2 is designed in such a way that LEDs and driver can be effortlessly replaced after potential defects. LLMF=98%@50Khrs

Add K9 Emergency, light sensors or motion sensors inbuilt into the U2 – R2 for less visible services on the ceiling.

for more information including lighting design using the u2 – R2 please contact Bluelab


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