UDRSS20301 (200x300mm)

UDRSS20301 is a single-optic stainless steel wall light with integral gear that is waterproof. With its marine grade housing, it is the perfect luminaire for industrial and outdoor scenarios.

20W/30W/60W CREE LED Lamp
– CRI80 (higher CRI options available)
– includes COB (chip-on-board)
– optional beam angles: 12°/24°/36°/60° beam spread

– 300mm height
– 200mm diameter
– 220mm OD depth

– Marine Grade SS316L housing
– 316L stainless steel screws
– fire-resistant waterproof gaskets
– flush 8mm thick toughened glass

– brushed finish
– mirrored finish

The UDRSS20301 comes with a 3 year warranty and is CE/SAA approved.
IES files available on request.

to Specify:

20W range

UDRSSM20301         SS316L  Mirrored         1x20W LED

UDRSSB20301           SS316L Brushed          1x20W LED

30W range

UDRSSM20301-30     SS316L  Mirrored      1x30W LED

UDRSSB20301-30      SS316L Brushed         1x30W LED

60W range

UDRSSM20301-60     SS316L  Mirrored       1x60W LED

UDRSSB20301-60      SS316L Brushed         1x60W LED


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