US Soft light

- US Soft light

US Soft light by ETAP

US Softlight – Comfortable Light, Bright spaces.

ETAP’s softlight luminaires shield the light source and mainly allow the light into the space through secondary optics, which prevents direct view and glare. Especially in LEDs this contributes significantly to visual comfort.Bright spaces Softlights create clearly lit spaces: they evenly illuminate walls and ceilings – no shadows, dark spots or outline between lit and unlit areas. The soft light is ambiently present in the space and provides your interior with discreet design. The extensive ETAP range ensures that you can apply the softlight product everywhere in your buildings. You can choose from recessed, surface-mounted and wall-mounted versions, several shapes (square or linear), dimensions and light source.

The Softlight offers ETAP’s inbuilt Accessories with K9 Emergency modules, Light sensors and motion sensors creating cleaner ceilings.

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