K9 slimline Exit Lighting

K9 proves that emergency lighting can be both attractive and discreet. Minimalist design, compact execution and high-quality finish ensure that signage and luminaires can be perfectly integrated into any environment.

K9 signage blends pure and simple design and strong performance.  It guarantees high recognition and long service life.

All ETAP K9 Exits come complete with ETAP comprehensive self-test. EST tests for Emergency function, light out-put (built in Light sensor), wiring faults and battery duration.  ETAP’s EST Self-Test will ensure your projects emergencies are always compliant under AS2293.

First manufacturer with automatic self-test in all emergency luminaires.  All ETAP luminaires are, as standard, equipped with an automatic self-test EST. Luminaires equipped with a self-test will check themselves at regular intervals and thus guarantee increased safety. Automatic self-tests allow you to save significant time and money. Without a self-test you are in fact required under the standard to each month switch off the power and to check whether the luminaires go into emergency operation. In addition, you have to check once a year whether the luminaires are still operating at the end of the specified battery duration.  Monitored systems “ESM” are available with ETAP’s flexible building management system “Exellum”

Why is ETAP superior to other Exit’s on the market?

  • Discreet sleek design
  • Custom paint finish’s available on housing (RAL)
  • Standard 3 hour battery
  • 5 Year warranty
  • Comprehensive Self-test “EST”
  • Dali Monitored systems
  • 850 degree rated
  • NiMH (Nichol metal Hydryde battery)
  • Clear sign plate with screenprinted dot-matrix, perfect evenly illuminated distribution
  • Concealed manual test switch
  • 24m Viewing distance under AS2293.3

AS2293.3 2005 Tested and compliant LL18190A

AS2293 Tested and compliant LL1432201T