Bells Beach Home and Studio – Funk Architects

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In 2009, Bells Beach Home and Studio was principle architect, Jeremy Ham’s own project. The pressure was on to create a beautiful lighting design to compliment his family’s dream home on their dream property. The Development started with Jeremy’s studio for Funk Architects, a self-contained studio/office that doubled as an entertaining bungalow. The design is modern with rustic elements. Bluelab were given creative licence to light the studio with a touch of fun and colour. Coloured lights coupled with task lighting and strip LED to highlight created the fun and drama this small space needed. The final touch was a strip of coloured LED surrounding the external sliding door to the outside fascia, giving the studio a spaceship-in-the-bush look.

The Bells home design had three different spaces that needed to tie together. The living area boasted dramatic high ceiling, timber beams and large windows looking out over the beautiful bushland. Bluelab Design used gypsum downlights with 10W LED. The downlights moulded into the ceiling, creating an unobtrusive lighting solution. These LED downlights were used throughout the home. A few pendants were mounted to the highest section of the ceiling. The timber beams in the dining area were up lit with LED strip. The glass stair atrium was highlighted with the same wall up/down light used in the studio, a splash of colour to highlight the ceiling.

The end result was a beautiful, modern, low-energy home.