ETAP Are Tested and Compliant to ASNZ2293

ETAP are tested and compliant with ASNZ2293

ETAP’s K1, K2 and K9 products have been tested and accredit in the Australian market to AS2293.1:2018.

We are often asked if ETAP are compliant – Yes we are! ETAP’s advanced testing and Emergency beam control ticks all the boxes within the latest Emergency and Exit Lighting regulations or AS2293.  ETAP provide 5 hour initial NiMh battery (Section 2.2 AS2293 119.7m is required) which ensures duration life plus per-empts the expected initially loss in battery life.

ETAP provide comprehensive self-test or EST+ with every product sold as standard.  Monitored products are available with ESM.  The EST+ system will conduct quick function tests every week, this includes Light output, electronics/wiring function and communication.

ETAP’s EST and ESM has a min twice year duration battery test, the battery is partially drained although maintains AS/NZ2293 90min requirement as set out in 2.3.1.  If an Emergency occurs directly after the duration test is conducted, ETAP’s Emergency and Exit lights will still be operational under AS2293 requirements.  Battery duration tests help the functional life of the battery.  Like all of our battery operated devices we commonly use, it is recommended that the battery is drained and recharged, this is also true for Emergency and Exit lighting (Section 3.1 and 3.3.1 AS2293).  Due to the EST+ and ESM regular product maintenance, ETAP offer a 5 year replacement warranty on their products.

ETAP’s Emergency and Exit lights have a discreet visual indicator that communicates the self-test results with a green LED light – OK or Orange LED Light – Fault detected.  A series of flashes will from the orange LED indicator will communicate the fault to the maintenance staff.

ETAP use Lens control with all of their products and Emergency and Exit lighting is not spared.  LED lighting is inherently glarey and distributes as a point or lazer beam.  ETAP use clever lenses to distribute the light exactly where you need it, whilst also reducing the glare.  In passages we use the “escape route” lens, this emergency has an elongated distribution with a beam of 19.2m (2.7m ceiling).  The “Escape Route” lens is designed to guide people along narrow passages or walkways, allowing the light to spread exactly where it is needed.  C0:C90 is D800:A25

The “Anti-panic” lens distributes a square beam for square rooms.  Most modern buildings have square spaces.  ETAP offer square distribution to best illuminate a space in an emergency.  This lens also increases efficiency with no need for the over lapping of lighting within the installation.  The C0:C90 is A630:A630.

featured below K9R432/1-ANZXAV227 – Wall mounted Exit, EST+, Matt Black finish and directional Pictogram.  The gear is concealed behind the housing to ensure ETAP’s discrete, minimal designs.  ETAP provide sleek Emergency and Exit lighting that do not impede on the interior design. ETAP’s K9 Emergency and Exit lights have won IF Awards for design.

ETAP offer an ASNZ filter for Australian/New Zealand products on their website:

ETAP ASNZ2293 Emerg/Exit Quick Guide

Australia and New Zealand maintain our Unique characteristics – Animals, red dust, Gum trees and special running men pictograms, (Australia run through a door instead of running to a door like Europe, ANZ maintaining our optimistic edge).

The K9 can be have custom powder coat finished to match the finishes on your next project.