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About Bluelab Design

Bluelab Design commenced in September 2001 with a vision to design and manufacture custom lighting.  Bluelab’s strong technical backing make Bluelab Design the ‘Go to’ for ambitious lighting concepts and product design – we love challenges.  Bluelab’s company motto is ‘There are no problems, only solutions.’  We find the solutions to create our customers visions, our project portfolio is a testament to this.  Along this premise, Bluelab Design is not limited by materials, manufacturing historically with a myriad of different materials.

Over the last 20 years lighting has developed from HID, incandescent and fluorescent lighting commonly used to LED lighting.  LED technology has allowed greater flexibility and opportunity in lighting and luminaire design.

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In 2012 Bluelab Design made the move to Geelong in regional Victoria seeking a larger space to manufacture and utilize the large industry prevalent in and around the region.  Since moving, Bluelab has established a great relationships with many small businesses in Geelong that are instrumental to our strength and diversity in custom lighting design and supply.  Our move to Geelong was paramount in producing our locally manufacture products range within the Truss Range  we manufacture from Australian sustainable timbers to produce a commercial, high performing linear light.  The Truss Range of lighting is registered with the Australian Made Campaign with 80% of the components going into the Truss product is manufactured in Australia.  Our locally produced products support many local businesses.

Alon the way, Bluelab Design has supported National Trust in renovating many of their antique chandeliers.  being engaged to remove, renovate and rewire delicate historical lighting treasures.  Bluelab has worked on Parliament House Library Chandelier, Como House to name a few.

Our products are show cased in many iconic buildings across Australia.  When we build a custom lighting product, we understand they are masterpieces within a project.  Like all masterpieces they should last so they can be enjoyed.  At Bluelab it is our absolute pride that many of our earliest pieces produced are still beautifully illuminating the spaces, like timeless works of art.

Bluelab Design are fortunate to represent ETAP Lighting in Australia.  ETAP Lighting produce world leading Emergency and Exit Lighting along with beautifully designed, Energy efficient commercial lighting.   ETAP Lighting and Bluelab Design share the importance of great design with a keen focus on environmentally friendly production and products that are built to last.   Over the last 6 years Bluelab and ETAP have collaborated on projects to produce clever, creative and efficient outcomes.

Today, Bluelab Design still design and manufacture many custom lighting products along with locally produced ranges along with products produced over seas including ETAP Lighting.  We are an accredited member of Australian made campaign, Geelong Chamber of Commerce, Victorian Chamber of Commerce, EESS and ESV.

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