Her Majesties Theatre Ballarat

Her Majesties Theatre heritage building upgrade.

Her Majesties theatre has a rich history with a throw back to the wealthy gold rush town of old, being a beautiful opulent building.  The upgrades was careful to the national trust status of the building.  The building is still popular within the community, and modern are mandated.  One of these standards are Exit and Emergency Lighting being required, this requirement is often a unsympathetic addition to heritage buildings.  Lovell Chen worked with Bluelab Design to include the K9 for a less obtrusive option.  The building has a historic central battery system, this system was upgraded and the Exits and Emergencies to run on 110V to work with the remote battery.  ETAP Provided Black K9’s with masked pictograms to reduce edge light spillage from the Exit sign within the theatre.