Versatility in Style: ETAP’s R8 Pendant

ETAP’s R8 is an IF-award winning pendant and surface-mount fitting with all the efficiency ETAP is renown for. It is a soft linear luminaire that displays ETAP’s high standards of lighting and efficient technology to produce soft low glare and wide beam angle distribution. The cylindrical shape illuminates light all around it, above and below it in a continual manner along the length with no visible hot spots common in LED lighting.

ETAP Lighting R8 Cafe Interior

With its versatile capability to be mounted vertically or horizontally, suspended, surface mount or in a continuous line, it is an architectural wonder to use in any space. They are beautiful in design; with a smooth cylindrical design with a diameter of 80mm, it is an elegant feature. The HaloOptic diffuser in satin-anodized polycarbonate ensures light emanating from all around it has no dark or hot spots through it. With their high-quality finish where driver and cables are almost invisible and excellent performance, they enhance a space without becoming the focal point of attention.

With an LLMF of 92% at 50,000 hours, it’s guaranteed to last in design and quality. ETAP prides itself on efficiency and aesthetics; R8 is a sustainable choice with its low power consumption and long service life of LEDs. The R8 also can be fitted with emergency lighting units; combining services into one product.

This is available in surface-mount, suspended and wall mount to allow flexibility in creativity and design. Find the range here or contact Bluelab Design to find out more about products with integrated emergency units or how to use this in your next project.