How does Custom Lighting Design work?

How does it work?

If you have a great idea for a custom lighting fitting for your project, contact Bluelab Design with your idea.  We ask for a CAD drawing or hand drawing, your drawing doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, just an idea on paper with dimensions and the materials you would like to use.  Please leave the nuts bolts and lighting to us.  With over 50 years of custom design, lighting design and manufacturing experience, Bluelab Design will bring ANY custom lighting to life.

What happens next?

Once you have sent your ideas to Bluelab Design, our designers will create a rendered image in the proportions and finishes documented in the drawings, this usually take 48 hours to reply (depending on the extent of information, the more information the quicker our designers can create a render).  This render will allow the project team to assess the custom lighting concept.  If changes are needed we can make the necessary changes quickly.  At the render stage we can offer budget pricing.


What if I am not really sure what I want?

If you not entirely sure where to start to design a custom light, don’t stress! We can put together a brain storm.  Our brain storms work with the finishes on the project and other products included.  Bluelab Designers will include concept ideas that will work in the space.  We find it better to meet initially to collaborate in the design process, from there we are able to consolidate the collaboration into a few ideas or one great concept.

Custom Lighting can meet your project budgets.

There is a belief that custom lighting is expensive.  The entire premise of design is to bend with the project requirements, this includes project budgets.  It is important to have a budget in mind to begin.  Often checking the market for similar items will help provide an indicative price.  Provide the quantity needed, greater quantities will greatly improve the price of the item but one offs will not necessarily be scarily expensive.  Once we have the product concepts, quantities and budget, Bluelab can work out the best method of production and materials to provide your cutom light on budget.

What materials do Bluelab Design manufacture with?

Bluelab Design has no limit of materials.  We have designed and produced many products in a myriad of materials.  it is standard to use aluminium, acrylic and glass, we also have use timber, epoxy, steel, brass, veneers, fabrics and leather.  We are not limited in design by materials.  Bluelab has a many experienced fabricators to help with the manufacturing process, bringing the expertise in differing production processes to the table.

Lighting performance.

With a focus on reducing carbon emissions, it is imperative to design and create products that are both beautiful and functional.  Many lighting designer will understand what the product has to achieve before the product concept has been decided.  The custom light needs to illuminate a space in the desired effect to add to the mood and in many cases allow the occupants to comfortably use the space.  Bluelab Design has a strong technical backing with years of lighting design and luminaire design experience.  When we are given a challenge, our company moto rings true “there are no problems only solutions”  At Bluelab, we find the solutions to bring even the most challenging requirement to fruition.  Our concepts are modelled in lighting design packages to ensure the performance will hit the desired lighting levels and performance.  In highly technical projects, our designers will produce proto-types to test the lighting performance.


Bluelab Design products are wired to Australian standards. We adhere to EESS and ESV testing and compliance requirements.  To find out more read