E4 Linear industrial light

ETAP E4 linear industrial light

ETAP’s E4 is an efficient continuous lighting for high ceilings, or for spaces with a need for greater illumination.  With it’s patented DUAL LENS technology; a double surface structured lens to ensure comfort whilst meeting a targeted light distribution and sleek looks, it is a great choice for your next project.  The E4 offers narrow beam, medium beam, medium wide beam, wide beam and double asymmetric beam options.  Optional individual lengths and in-line for clean lines.  The E4 can run one power feed into long runs of lighting with individual driver and plug and play connections.

LLMF = 97%@50khrs

Lumen Options: 2250 – 26’750 Lumen

up to 131 Lm/W


For ETAP’s full E4 range, click here.

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