E6 Linear surface mount

The E6 series is designed specifically for general lighting in car parks, technical spaces and basements. It is also applicable for the light industry and sheltered outdoor spaces. These kinds of spaces demand optimized wide-angle light distribution and reliability with long service life.

ETAP Lighting provides the solution with this fitting that features a robust housing that makes it impact-proof (IK07), dustproof (IP66), moisture and exhaust fume resistant and easy to maintain. What makes it reliable is the polycarbonate housing supported by stainless steel brackets that make it a solid sturdy unit.

Its wide-angle light distribution was built to low ceilings and fixed intervals for car parks, allowing spaces to be illuminated with minimal luminaires. How this is done is cleverly utilizing a Linear Fresnel lens with wide-angle distribution through medium-power LEDs with a stable lumen output. This results in lighting comfort resulting from frosted optics and a high output for low power consumption that is crucial in 24/7 applications, seen to be up to 106 lumens per Watt.

Electricians will love how quickly it is to install with a bracket click install and through cabling. It is also easy to clean and maintain where dirt and moisture cannot penetrate the seamless sealed unit, and the smooth surfaces prevents dust from accumulating. With circular solutions being a primary consideration for ETAP Lighting, the E6 also has replaceable drivers so that it can continue to function past its first functional life.

With an LLMF of 85% @ 50,000 hours, the E6 will illuminate to standards long after installation.

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