In a world of round downlights, Tiar brings a fresh look with linear downlights. You can choose the size, colour and shape, and ETAP Lighting provides the looks, performance and visual comfort. The Tiar provides a unique stylish look to your interior spaces with its beautiful design and perfect finish.

It is beautifully coherent with other ETAP products that use the LED+LENS range. It has an incredible ranger of 91 too 100lm/W with a 2200lm specification. It is available in DALI or static.

There are three light distributions available and the Tiar is suitable for any application. ETAP Lighting proves again that they are focused on quality, with its long lifetime and sustainable materials to produce the Tiar range. It is also easy to install, maintain and dismount with its shallow depth and simple installation springs.

With an LLMF of 94% (L94B50@50khrs) and an overall expected driver lifetime of 100khrs, ETAP Lighting is confident of its longevity and shows through Tiar’s 5 year warranty [driver included].

To view ETAP’s Tiar range, click here.