The Truss 65 has a remote driver (driver is not installed within the luminaire housing, needs to be mounted away from the product).

Truss 65 Timber linear LED pendant.  Hand crafted in Geelong from local hardwood commonly Victorian Ash.  Optional lengths are available 1200mm – 34W, 1800mm – 52.5W, 2400mm – 70W and 3000mm – 87.5W, longer lengths are available with joins in the Timber.

Bluelab Design use Osram PCB’s and remote drivers.

Optional woven cord or clear cord can be selected.

Other options include Opal or Y8 LED diffusers, stains, lime wash and varnishes.

Bluelab can manufacture the T65 in reclaimed Timber procured from local salvage yard.  The reclaimed timber can have a rustic finish leaving the outer edges with the Timbers history to tell a story in it’s new form or Bluelab can finish the reclaimed Timber by sanding new life and love into the re-used timber.

Reclaimed building and product materials are a way of the future.  The disposable society is a way of the past.  Having product materials that are reclaimed helps build a better future and gives us a sense of pride.

Bluelab’s Truss 65 is handed crafted in Geelong, efficient LED low power consumption, sustainable Timber or reclaimed, High quality, beautiful in all spaces.

All products are inclusive of freight with insurance.