Aecom Office Architectural Lighting fit out Melbourne

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Aecom Engineers have relocated their busy Melbourne office to Docklands.  Aecom is a multi-national company offering services in Engineering, Consulting and Project management.  It was important to get their own project right and in particular their public areas that would be scrutinized  by potential customers.

Aecom chose ETAP Lighting to illuminate their board rooms and Reception area.  The W1 featured in Aecom’s reception area offers the sought after Architectural look, while maintaining low glare of UGR22.  ETAP’s elegant W1 surface/wall mounted luminaire is deceptively efficient.  The “HaloOptics” polycarbonate diffuser allows the W1 to achieve 100lm/w. Size options are 380mm dia x 95mm depth and 600mm dia x 95mm depth.  3 wattage options are available 14W (1398Lm – 4000K, 1348Lm – 3000K), 20W (1997Lm – 4000K, 1897Lm – 3000K) or 38W (3995Lm – 4000K,  3795Lm – 3000K at 105Lm/W).

Glare can create havoc in a board room.  Audio Systems, comfort and patron’s concentration can be effected with poor lighting with this is mind Aecom chose ETAP U21 Luminaire with acrylic or polycarbonate HaloOptics lens control.  The U21 is highly efficient at 133Lm/W and UGR19 (UGR22 in higher wattages).  Aecom’s designers wanted to offset the luminaire with a black plaster frame (see image 1 and 2).  Other featured options in the U2 series is the EMD system and signature K9 Emergency inbuilt into the U2 frame, IP44 rating.  The U25 offers greater efficiency and maximum comfort UGR19 with the glass “MesoOptics” foil at 143Lm/W.

Bluelab Design are extremely happy to have ETAP’s products installed in Aecom Melbourne Office.

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