Australian Kelpie Centre – Casterton

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Australian Kelpie Centre – Casterton Victoria

Casterton in Victoria is the home of our greatly love “Kelpie” working dog treasured in rural Victoria.  Glenelg Shire Council appointed Morton Dunn Architects to design a Centre in tribute to the Kelpie dog.  The history, information, Kelpie’s in action can be viewed by visitors.  The centre brings in tourism into Casterton and a space to educate the value of these beautiful dogs.

Morton Dunn Architects along with Alan Smith Electrical Engineer engaged Bluelab to manufacture surface mounted Truss 90 in custom lengths.  The Truss timber linear LED light was the perfect fit for the space.  The Truss is manufactured from Victorian Ash farmed timber prominent in this region of Victoria, adding to the local story within the build.

This regional facility supports a community and as a regiona business in Victoria, we were thrilled to be a part of this project.

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