Discreet Emergency and Exit Lighting in Australia with ETAP

Discreet Emergency and Exit Lighting in Australia with ETAP

Emergency and Exit Lighting that will not impede interior spaces in Australia while complying with AS2293

The challenge for interior designers and Architects is maintaining beautiful spaces while including necessary building services.  Emergency and Exit lighting in Australia and New Zealand is compulsory under the Australian Standards AS2293 for public spaces.  Often Emergency and Exit lighting can be chunky, industrial and often clash with the finishes in interior spaces and whats worse is the new standard upgrade in 2018 call for more emergencies!  An interiors story board will include ceilings, floors, wall finishes and decorative pieces including some lighting, all too often services Engineers are unable to match the colours to the story board with building services items because of very few selections in Australia.  This Blog will walk through the possibilities with ETAP Lighting’s Emergency and Exits.

Timber finishes in Interior spaces and concealing Emergency Lighting

Timber is prevalent in building interior finishes currently, Emergency and Exit Lighting is often an eyesore along the timber ceiling line and walls with the only option to blend the luminaires currently is using black.

The images above has multiple services on a decorative timber ceiling, obstructing the flow of the timber ceiling line.  The black as you can see hardly helps because the Surface mounted Emergencies are large and chunky.

At ETAP we do things a bit differently, Using the K9 module incorporated into the luminaires along with detectors.  The LEY has shielded lens optics with a black fascia keeping a even line along the ceiling instead of the white opal diffuser.

ETAP’s EMD multi sensor system can be inbuilt into ETAP Lighting products or mounted into the ceiling line within the timber beams.  Similar the K9 module Emergency light is a small Emergency module that is mounted into ETAP’s lighting products to reduce the services along the ceiling.  The K9 module is a LED optic with sophisticated comprehensive self testing.


What Exits and Emergencies can be recessed into timber?

The images above show white Emergencies and Exit’s mounted into timber ceilings.  The Emergency and Exit lighting become an eyesore within the interior space, and unfortunately very noticeable.  To have the opportunity to conceal services across a decorative ceiling line.

Og Slsc
Og Slsc

The same can be said for decorative timber walls.  Many Exits are being positioned on walls now with the ASNZ2293 calling for Exit mounting heights no greater than 2.7m.  The image to the right high lights how detrimental the wrong Exit selection can be on an interior space.  Timber features through out public spaces is a feature highly sought after.  Timber slat systems are efficient and have a great result with a cost.  the images displayed here emphasize the need for a good selection of products with the ability to be flexible.

The above images with white Exits and white recessed emergencies could easily be resolved using ETAP’s K9 slim line Exits and K9 recessed module.

ETAP Lighting have developed mounting brackets that will hook their modules from difficult positions.  once the bracket is hooked into the decorative ceiling cavity, the Emergency can be clipped in place.  The K9 module requires remote gear, which can be mounted up to 22m from the product.  Bluelab Design provide double insulated extended leads to run between the K9 optics and the gear.  The K9 Optic module has 3 LED concealed within the module.  A white 2.3W diode for Emergency lighting, a Green diode to signal correct functioning, an orange diode to alert a product fault.  If there is a fault, ETAP provide a 5 year warranty on all of their products.  After 5 years ETAP products are easily maintained with available parts.

ETAP’s unique optics system enables the products to mounted in higher positions due to the optics efficiency.  As long as there is no obstructions below the Emergency light, the Module can be placed in higher ceilings (please see spacing tables provided on product brochures) We unable to space the Emergencies greater than ASNZ2293.18 stipulates.  ETAP provide Square beam distribution and elongated beams for optimal Emergency lighting designs in interior spaces.

Ask Bluelab Design to assist with your next Emergency specification.  Our staff are Lighting Designers with a keen eye in design.

Phoenix Gallery With K9 Emerg
Phoenix Gallery With K9 Emerg

Phoenix Gallery NSW

Phoenix Gallery by JWA used a decorative HESS ceiling.  The K9 Emergency is installed within the timber.  The success for ETAP and Bluelab Design is that the K9 Emergency is not visible at all.  Only when the Emergency is needed will the patrons be aware of the K9 Emergency being installed.  The keen eye will see a small green function light for the testing indicator.


Bluelab Design supplied the Emergency and Exit Lighting for JWA’s and DBJ Architects spectacular project.  This project has been sport listed for NSW interior awards, Bluelab Design are very proud to be included in this meticulous installation.

Timber Ceiling Etap
Timber Ceiling Etap

The above image shows well concealed exit and emergency lighting within a commercial space resulting in the designers design intent being the champion within the space.  This is a project installation from Europe, it may be that in Australia the Exit light may need suspending.  ETAP Lighting offer a sleek, slimline suspended Exit options.  In Australia the suspension of Exit lighting has proven difficult with very few attractive options.  featured below are a few local suspended projects:

Suspended Exit 1

This may have been a solution devised onsite, the solution is featured throughout the project.  ETAP’s K1 and K9 Exits have a mounting bracket for easily fixed suspension kits.  ETAP offer attractive and unobtrusive suspension kits within their range – featured below.

K9 Suspended Image
K9 EXIT Suspended Image

The K9142 featured above is powder coated RAL9006 Grey.  All of the K9 products have the option of custom powder coat finishes.  The standard housing finishes are white RAL9003, Grey as featured above RAL9006, Black and Raw aluminium finish. (The pictogram featured above is European, Bluelab Design provide ASNZ2293 approved pictograms)


Suspended Exit 2

Suspended Exit 2 image shows a black exit suspended to 2.7m.  ETAP’s wall mounted products are slim.  The K1 has a universal mounting option, where as the K9 Exit has clever mounting options to be selected at the time of specification.  ETAP’s solution for this space would be the K9432

The K9 Exits above have minimal protrusion off the wall.  The housing blends with the wall with only the Plexiglass signage being visible.  ETAP’s black pictogram signage is masked around the edges.  In theatres it is desireable to have little light leakage.  Light leakage from Exit lighting can cause distraction and in some cases glare.  ETAP Lightings Black pictograms illuminate only from the running man (printed in Green on Black as is ASNZ2293 require).

Suspended Exit 3

In suspended Exit 3 image we see the 2.7m mounting coming into effect.  The Exit and pendants are clashing within the space.  The Emergency lighting designer had little options to solve this problem with the system being used.  ETAP offer a double sided wall mounted product perfect for this location.  Bluelab Design have knick named this product the “Flag Exit” being the K9R542.  In the images below you can see the K9 “Flag” being mounted to the wall rather than suspending from a decorative lighting design or ceiling.

The K9542 solution by ETAP would see the a clean ceiling line with the option of a double sided exit coming into play.  If the K9R542 is not needed to be double sided, the pictogram is provided with a black backing.

EXIT Lighting Testing

On all of ETAP’s Exits a self comprehensive self- test on all of their products as standard with a discreet display appearing to the side of each product.  ETAP provide a remote monitored system that is the only system in Australia and New Zealand that can test other Emergency system using a Dali Gateway.

ETAP Lighting can test any other Emergency lighting product with their ESM monitored system.

Decorative or coloured surfaces with ETAP

ETAP Lighting offer the flexibility of custom powder coating on the K9 Exit and Emergency lighting.  Specialized powder coat finish do not change the C0:C90 spacing due to the optics provided in each product.

Above images show ETAP’s slimline surafce mounted Emergency with integral gear.  The Timber ceiling at The Wharf Shed Cafe – Geelong was painted in the interior designers palette, Bluelab Design supplied the K9 surface mounted Emergencies in the same colour to ensure the products would blend.


In-built Emergency lighting into luminaires

ETAP Lighting U7 with K9
U7 with K9 inbuilt


Combining Emergencies into products creates the ultimate installation with limited products on the ceiling line.  ETAP’s products use optics for low Glare and wide beam spread creating premium in efficiency lighting.  The above image has the slim line U7 recessed between decorative white timber slats.  The install is clean, efficient and clever.


Custom Products with Emergency Lighting

All of ETAP’s products have the option of Emergency lighting inbuilt.  With the K9 Emergency module anything is possible!  Speak with Bluelab Design team about custom lighting with Emergency in-built.  For Hotel wall lights in corridors, decorative stairs lighting – the options are open.  John Wardle Architects asked Bluelab Design to design and manufacture an Emergency track lighting system for their beautifully designed Phoenix Gallery NSW.  Bluelab Design used the K9 module and created a slim housing to mount to a universal track system.  The Track light created for Phoenix Gallery has the Battery installed within the housing.  The K9 has the self-testing indicator within the optics.

Speak to Bluelab Design for Emergency possibilities.

ETAP’s K9 Emergency and Exit’s have been awarded IF design awards.   Something that most Emergency Lighting companies are unable to boast.