ANZ Campus – Direct/Indirect Feature pendants

Location: DocklandsSpecifiers: Bluelab Design, Hassell Architects, NDY Light, Prime ElectricalMake an enquiry

ANZ Campus

Y3 Collins Street Docklands –

Custom Direct/Indirect LED Feature Pendants

Bluelab design were engaged to design and manufacture ANZ Campus’s feature pendants and desk lights.  Hassell Architects had a clear design they intended for the products along with NDY Lights requirements for the lighting performance to meet their lighting calculations for the space.  The simple looking products were designed and calculated meticulously to meet the design requirements.

Carefully calculated angled spinning along with beam angle calculation allowed the product to eliminate any ceiling spill light.  The success and efficiency of the products aesthetic intent required very little to no spill lighting on the ceiling, with all the concentrated lighting within the dish reflecting back into the interior space.

The thin arms carrying the optics housed 5 wired for power and Dali, the arm was challenging to maintain the strength to hold the optics firm.  Bluelab designed a concealed gear box on top of the spinning which became hidden within the ceiling.

The void has up and down optics.  The downward optics the void 3 levels down while the upward lighting creates indirect lighting on the upper level.