University of Melbourne – Conservatory of Music

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University of Melbourne – Conservatorium of Music, Ian Potter Centre – Sturt Street, South Bank Melbourne.

MCM –  Custom “Recording in progress” DMX controlled signage light

Visiting completed buildings and seeing our lighting in operation is the best feeling.  From Wardle Architects drawings, to shop drawings, technical electrical wiring, signage printing.  This was a projects that involved the expertise of many.

The Students at UOMCM enjoy the lovely red glow that allows them the undisturbed recording studio, needed to capture these talented musical students in action.  The team behind this little master piece are as follows:  John Wardle Architecs, Electrolight, Bluelab Design, Space Cannon, MCG Signs and  Prime Electrical.

These little red glowing signage lights proved to be extremely difficult.  Often the most simple designs prove to be the most difficult, the expertise in lighting and product design of Bluelab Design saw the recording lights operational for the Music students assessment June 2019.  The recording signage lights may be small but incredibly include DMX controllers inbuilt along with LED drivers and Red LED.  The DMX controllers are linked to the recording studio DMX boards, when the record button is “ON” the “Recording in Progress” sign glows red to ensure an uninterrupted recording.  These little unobtrusive red glowing “Recording in Progress” lights are truly a master piece and not for the faint hearted lighting manufacturer.

Technical information:

Machined aluminium housing, machined solid acrylic diffuser with vinyl lettering.  Red LED strip, DMX controller and power supply integrally mounted within the housing.