Clarke Hopkins and Clarke’s Architectural timber lighting Office Fitout

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When Robert Goodliffe of Melbourne’s award winning Architectural firm, Clarke Hopkins and Clarke contacted Bluelab Design to manufacture and supply our Timber 90 for their Melbourne office expansion, we were excited to be included in CHC’s own project.  Robert explained that the Office extension is situated at the back of their existing modern Sackville Street, Collingwood office building in a 2 story town house.  The Victorian brick town house was needed due to CHC ongoing growth.

Clarke Hopkins and Clarke required suspended Timber 90’s with upward Lighting component in 2 lengths 1200mm and 1800mm.  Each length was treated with a stain to give the Victorian Ash hardwood a Pine finish, which was the choice Timber in the original CHC Office building.  Bluelab’s 1200 Timber 90 is 35W 3000K LED Osram PCB’s with 4200Lm output diffused with a Y8 diffuser. The Upward lighting component is 1x 500mm length of 14.4W 6000K LED strip encapsulated in aluminium extrusion with an opal diffuser.  Specification  code BT902PU.

The 1800mm T90 is 52.5W 3000K LED Osram PCB’s with 6300Lm output diffused with a Y8 diffuser.  The upward lighting is 2x 500mm length of 14.4W 6000K LED strip encapsulated in aluminium extrusion with an opal diffuser.  Specification code BT903PU.

CHC’s designers wanted to incorporate the Timber elements found in their current office (Pine) ceiling to flow into their new office space.  Clarke Hopkins and Clarke knew the best way to create the symmetry required was with Bluelab Design’s locally crafted, sustainable, efficient Timber lighting.  CHC have been extremely happy with the result.  Bluelab’s Timber 90 is a beautiful light that has the specifications to create a comfortable working environment with fantastic light levels.

In the images below, Bluelab’s T90 is mounted in a hall with natural daylight. The T90 is able to throw light onto the walls, as well as cool upward lighting onto the ceiling.  Being locally produced using sustainable hardwood, the T90 uses very little carbon emissions in comparison to commonly specified aluminium extruded products.  The Timber 90 is Highly efficient and functional whilst being elegant and simple. Timber is naturally beautiful, very little design is needed when creating product crafted from timber.  Added Design only detracts from the Grain that naturally creates interest, with every product being unique.

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