Sustainable timber lighting for Frankston Tafe upgrade

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As your specialist bespoke lighting designers and manufacturers, Bluelab Design proudly offers a variety of products to solve your lighting needs. We recently worked with Frankston Tafe to supply 60 sustainable Tasmanian Oak light fittings to be used throughout the Tafe’s hallways and breakout areas.

We used the Timber 90 T5 for this project, a Bluelab Design exclusive product, designed and manufactured in-house using locally-sourced sustainable Tasmanian Oak timber.

The electrical contractor working on the lighting upgrade at Frankston Tafe approached us about lighting solutions and we offered this bespoke product which met the needs of the Tafe while working within the project’s budget.

The long, linear look of these lights resembles wooden beams and can be described as industrial, a very on-trend look. Despite the popularity of industrial interiors, these quality-manufactured lights won’t date. They are completely bespoke and can’t be found elsewhere.

To make the lights we cut the timber in a certain way and then join the corners of the fittings using a special lock-mitre profile, which is very strong. Wood likes to move, so rather than simply gluing together two 45-degree pieces, we gouge special grooves first which are then glued. The lights themselves are fluorescent, with the globes achieving an unbroken long-line of light which suits the beams perfectly.

If you are interested in bespoke timber lighting for your next project, please contact us.