Crown Metropol Hotel

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In 2009, Bluelab Design worked with Bates Smart and Vision Design on the specially designed hotel room lighting at the Crown Metropol. Every light design went through a lengthy and rigorous design and approval process, with a tight schedule for supply to Watters Electrical.

The end results were beautiful, including chrome picture wall lights with no visible fastening and sharp, clean edges. The chroming process was unsympathetic with the shape of the product, however our strict quality control meant an exceptional end product. The bathroom lights were black anodised, which once again is an unsympathetic finish and must be manufactured with precision.

The diffuser was flush with the body and the fixing was not visible. The bathroom lights were fully sealed, simple, sharp edged, and simply elegant. Finally, the wall-mounted pendant light finished the rooms beautifully. The architects required no visible fixings, and a black finish with a black woven cord.

Despite being a difficult project with a short time frame, challenging designs and strict quality control, Bluelab Design found this one of the most rewarding projects to complete.

Crown Metropol