R3 High Efficiency luminaire

- ETAP R3 is the perfect choice for Green star buildings

ETAP Lighting range, R3 troffer

ETAP’s unique shielded lens technology to create extremely low glare (UGR<16), medium or wide beam optics. The R3 is able to produce some of the most efficient project lighting designs (up to 158lm/w).  The IF Award winning R3 has a sleek design, shallow housing, optional sizes and mounting – recessed U3, Surface mounted and Suspended, the R3 can be mounted in-line for a clean continuous install.  The R3 can be powder coated in any finish to match in with your project finishes.

Upward Lighting options are available in the Suspended K9 models.

The U3 provides an extremely long service life (LLMF=98%@50Khrs) and comes with ETAP’s 5 year warranty.

The U3 is offered with ETAP’s inbuilt accessories – K9 Emergency, motion sensor and light sensor to ensure less cluttered ceilings.

Recently ETAP have updated their website to include U3 products with lower luminous flux.  These products were specifically added for the Australian and New Zealand market place.  A filter has been added to the U3 product listing to help ASNZ market with selections.  Using the R3 Medium-Wide beam in designs, we find has the best results in the Australian market to achieve low glare, even uniformity, while designing wide spacings.

Tomorrows Light:

With the help of our solutions our customers will also be able to cut down on their CO2 emissions. In a renovation you can save no less than 80% in energy, thanks to our innovative LED solutions and light control systems. However, ETAP aims to go even further, and the full product range will get a make-over, which should result in the luminaires being easier to service, reuse or dismantle.

The next step in this development is Circular Light as a Service, a concept that fully capitalises on the European Green Deal. “More than half of our projects involve the renovation of existing lighting. With C-LaaS we deliver smart and high-performance solutions, whereby we also provide efficient maintenance so that the customer no longer has to worry about anything,” Dominiek Plancke CEO continues. “Even if a luminaire breaks down or reaches the end of its service life, we will provide a replacement and handle recycling.”

By incorporating renovatable optics, ETAP Lighting have made the commitment to installation well beyond the LED’s operational life.  Along with the easy to replace LED optics panel the U3 includes an easily replace ‘Plug and play’ drivers.


Square –
Linear –

Inline options are included in suspended R3 range

Beam: Medium-Wide or Very Wide-Angle

Flux Lm:  2100Lm – 5500Lm

LLMF = 98%@50khrs

UGR from <16 – UGR<19

Luminous Efficiency up to 158Lm/W

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