K9 Mini Emergency

- ETAP K9 Emergency Module - is the smallest Emergency available

ETAP K9 Emergency module with comprehensive Self-test

ETAP K9 Emergency Module with EST.

ETAP’s K9 module Emergency light with Anti-Panic Square distribution lens (C0:C90=B320B320) or Escape Route Lens elongated (C0:C90 = D800:A16) is the smallest Emergency available in Australia.  The K9 Module comes with comprehensive self-testing (EST = Battery, duration, Diode, function testing) or Monitored Systems (ESM = ETAP’s monitoring System).   The K9 Module can be installed into all of ETAP’s products, Bluelab Custom products and Decorative ceiling lines that require discreet services.  ETAP’s K9 products have been installed into many European heritage building because of the K9’s discreet size and ability to respect the interior surroundings.

Ask Bluelab sales team to help with Design on the K9 for your next project

The K9 Emergencies and Exits are tested and compliant to ASNZ2293

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K9R012_3N-A-D800A16 Escape Route Module with EST Data Sheet

K9R013_3N-A-D800A16 Escape Route Module with ESM Data sheet

K9R022_3N-A-B320B320 Anti-Panic Module with EST Data sheet

K9R023_3N-A-B320B320 Anti-Panic Module with ESM Data sheet

ETAP_K9_EN K9 Brochure