K9 Mini Recessed

ETAP K9 Mini Range, smallest emergency module

ETAP’s K9 module emergency light with anti-panic square distribution lens (C0:C90=B320B320) or escape-route lens elongated (C0:C90 = D800:A16) is the smallest emergency available in Australia.  The K9 Module comes with comprehensive self-testing (EST = battery, duration, diode & function testing) or Monitored Systems (ESM = ETAP’s monitoring System).   The K9 Module can be installed into all of ETAP’s products, Bluelab custom products and decorative ceiling lines that require discreet services.  ETAP’s K9 products have been installed into many European heritage building because of the K9’s discreet size and ability to respect the interior surroundings.

All ETAP Exits and Emergencies come with NiMH (Nickel-Metal Hydride) batteries as standard. When cadmium-based batteries were banned, ETAP switched to NiMH on their entire emergency and exit lighting range. Not only are they cadmium-free, they also consume less energy and are 50% more compact.
Lithium has been proven to be unstable in heat, flammable and harder to recycle at the end of the battery life cycle. ETAP offer LFP (Lithium-Iron Phosphate) batteries with a 10 year warranty on request.

Contact Bluelab for support in specifying K1 or click here for brochures, IES files and other technical information for K1 recessed emergency lighting available in Australia.

The K9 Emergencies and Exits are tested and compliant to ASNZ2293

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K9 Mini Spacing Table

K9 Mini Escape-Route Module with EST Datasheet

K9 Mini Escape-Route Module with ESM Datasheet

K9 Mini Anti-Panic Module with EST Datasheet

K9 Mini Anti-Panic Module with ESM Datasheet

ETAP K9 Mini Brochure