R8 Pendant

ETAP Lighting range, R8 LED Pendant

The R8 Pendant is a white linear fitting for office, healthcare, education, retail and leisure application. It can either be surface-mount (wall or ceiling) or suspended as a pendant and as continual lengths.

The IF award-winning R8 LED Pendant by ETAP is a soft linear lighting form with all the efficiency ETAP our renowned for.  Using LED-LENs technology for soft low glare, wide angle distribution.  The R8 has a full beam distribution allowing light to distribute above and below the product.  The LED-LENs technology optic also ensures continual light along the length of the tubular shape with no visible “hot spots” common in LED lighting.

ETAP’s K9 emergency, light sensor and motion sensor accessories are available in the R8 inbuilt. Having in-built emergencies and sensors helps reduce the services along the ceiling. The R8’s wide beam create wider spacing and will help reduce the number of lights needed in an installation.

For ETAP’s R8 range, click here.

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