Peninsula Grammar Library

Location: Mt Eliza, VICProducts: Bespoke Timber Veneer PendantSpecifiers: Bluelab Design, FJMT Studio Architects, Shank Electrical, WRAP EngineersMake an enquiry

FJMT Architects designed Peninsula Grammar Library with the vast leafy grounds of Mt Eliza School in mind. The two-storeyed library displays a beautiful vaulted ceiling with high set windows that enjoys natural daylight. The grand ceiling height was the perfect opportunity to create a feature suspended piece as a homage to the Australian bush.

Bluelab Design created a storyboard and concept for a timber feature light with the brief received from FJMT Architects. This concept was further developed between Bluelab Design and FJMT Architects to result in its current unique shape.

Story Board
Peninsula Grammar Library Storyboard

Veneerform in Brunswick prepared formed veneer timber for manufacture. Bluelab Design first set out building by cutting out shapes from custom patterns; the largest petal at 1200mm long to the small petal at 600m long. These petals were meticulously prepared to form smooth soft edges and clean surfaces. A painted green petal on the lower side to the petal with washed edges to acknowledge the buildings setting among the gum trees.

We found the design and construction to be a unique challenge that we were excited to see come together. It was wondrous to see the result of our labours as the timber veneer pendant hangs proudly in the learning space above the librarian desk.

Photographer:  RubyAth Photography