Parliament House Victoria – Library Crystal Chandelier removal

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Bluelab Design successfully removed and restored many of the precious heritage crystal lighting pieces in Como House eighteen months ago.  Knowing the value and history these items hold to our state adds a layer of significance to the items.

Bluelab Design received a phone call from Donald Cant Watts Corke Architects to take on an extremely stressful task to remove the 170 year old crystal chandelier housed in the library at Parlaiment house in Victoria.  The works at Parliament House risked damaging the chandelier and it was important to protect this historical piece.  Bluelab Design were asked by DCWC to remove and carefully pack the chandelier to be stored for 18 months until the building works are completed.

Bluelab Design carefully mapped the chandelier.  The map documented each section to be removed and stored.  Bluelab Design created a full condition report on every piece of the historical chandelier.  Special bags were made to carefully store the Crystals that were individually labelled to reflect the chandelier map.    The removal didn’t come without a few problems, layers of repairs and historical alterations were never documented and posed issues in removal.  Historical specialists engaged to work along side Bluelab’s team were able to decipher the mish-mash layers.  Some of these later additions had to be cut away to see the chandelier disassembled to be stored gently.  In 18 months when the ceiling restoration is complete, the chandelier will restored and returned to the Library.

drawing of chandelier

Drawing Of Chandelier Correct
Drawing Of Chandelier Correct