K9 Mini compliance in Australia and New Zealand

How does ETAP Lighting K9 Mini stack up with ASNZ2293?

Across the various types of lighting available and designed, emergency lighting is one of the few sections that have very strict requisites.

The AS/NZS2293 standard is a collaboration of requirements for how emergency and exit lighting is designed, installed, operated and maintained. There are many companies that provide emergency and exit lighting but there are very few that excel in quality and effectiveness. The two statements that this article will focus on today is sections 2.6 and 2.7 of the AS/NZS2293.1-2018.

When designing emergency luminaires, manufacturers must provide a visual identifier.  This is to prevent them being removed when buildings are renovated, go through a change of use or identification during inspection and maintenance.  Each emergency luminaire or exit sign is marked by a universal ‘wayfinding’ symbol adjacent or attached to the luminaire.

Bluelab Design distribute the K9 Mini from ETAP Lighting in Australia. It is the smallest emergency lighting luminaire in the Australian and New Zealand market. The most common question Bluelab receive is if this complies with 2.6 and 2.7 of AS/NZS2293.1-2018. Yes, it is!

ETAP Lighting accommodates for the AS/NZ2293 section 2.6 and 2.7 standards with separate solutions depending on whether a trimless, trimmed or other K9 mini accessory is used. For the trimmed K9 accessory, a 3mm label is designated on the accessory flange. The trimmed accessory is commonly used in plaster and T-Bar ceilings. The trimless or ‘L’ bracket accessory K9 will have a symbol on the body itself. Both products will have a spare label in the packaging.

What makes it a distinctly effective product from the rest is the value to characteristics. It has one of the best lumen outputs and performance over time which comes as a surprise as one of the smallest emergency luminaires on the market. It is discreet and slim; with clever installation accessories. With the capability to choose the light distribution between anti-panic; a square light distribution to cover corners, or the standard egress routing, the K9 Mini has truly covered a variety of scenarios. Like ETAP’s K1 and K9, the K9 Mini recessed emergency superior optics allow specifiers to mount the K9 mini in high ceilings rather than the unsightly suspended emergencies commonly seen. Bluelab Design’s K9 Mini spacing table offer the correct guide for Australian Standards.


K9 Mini is designed to fit into lighting products, decorative ceilings, timber slat ceilings and heritage builds without disrupting the interior landscape. The K9 Mini battery pack and gear is remote and requires an accessible location for future maintenance. the gear can be located up to 20 meters from the K9 lighting product with a double insulated lead joining. Speak to Bluelab Design for support in your next emergency lighting design.


The K9 Mini includes testing indicators concealed within the optics fascia. The green diode indicates normal function, the orange diode indicates a fault, the orange diode will send a different flashing sequence to notify of what the fault is.

ETAP also provide comprehensive self-testing and monitoring for products which will automatically conduct quick function tests every week for wiring and function.  This system also runs a 4 monthly test to detect the cause of faults whether it is the battery life and battery health.