K1 recessed Emergency with optics

- K1 recessed Emergency with Optics

ETAP K1 recessed Emergency with LED Optics

ETAP K1 Recessed Emergency with LED Optics

The K1 recessed emergency lighting are small and sleek the size is determined by the Emergency gear needed to fit into the plaster ceiling.  ETAP’s beautifully curved Emergency flange hold the Emergency optics as well as the testing indicators.  ETAP offer 2 optics for optimal performance – Anti-panic lens distributes the LED lighting in a square distribution for even Emergency illumination and Escape route being an elongated beam for passages, corridors etc. The Escape route lens will give a long 19.2m beam (based on 2.7m ASNZ2293 tables, see blow) allowing designers to use less Emergency lighting, subject to ASNZ2293-18 guidelines.  The K1 offers a robust poly-carbonate face plate in Matt white.  IK04 and IP42 rated.

The K1 offers “ESM” monitored testing or “EST+” comprehensive self-testing. The EST+ runs regular tests on function, LED function and with a built in light sensor, EST+ will ensure the light output is to ASNZ2293 requirement of 9 Candela, battery duration tests and function. between 2 – 4 times a year the battery is drained to 90 minutes and recharged for duration testing and battery health.  The face plate has a small indicator to alert building maintenance of the product function.

All ETAP Exits and Emergencies come with NiMH (nickel-Metal Hydryde) batteries as standard. When Cadmium Batteries were banned, ETAP switched to NiMH on their entire Emergency lighting range. Not only are NiMH batteries cadmium-free, they also consume less energy and are 50 % more compact. Lithium has been proven to be unstable in heat and flammable plus harder to recycle at the end of the battery life. ETAP offer Lithium Iron Phosphate with a 10 year warranty on request.

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