Nunawading Community Hub with ESM monitored Emergency and Exits

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Nunawading Community Hub

ETAP K1 and K9 ESM monitored system is a hidden gem.

FJMT Architects designed buildings are meticulously planned right down to the Exit and Emergency lighting.  So often the a highly specified and beautifully designed space will be impeded with the necessary addition of an Exit light and Emergency light.  Decorative and dramatic ceilings are statements for public spaces, the addition of an exit light in a central position or an cumbersome Emergency can lessen the design impact.

ETAP Lighting manufacture sophisticated Emergency and Exit lighting that recede into the spaces through custom finish, minimal housings and clever mounting.

Nunawading Community Hub used ETAP K9 Exits for front of house, K9 Mini Emergencies and K9 surface mounted Emergency.  The back of house area used K1 Universally mounted Exit  and in the stadium extra strong IK10 IP65 K2 wall mounted Exit.

The K9 mini is mounted between the timber slats.  It is very difficult to find the emergencies apart from when they are needed.  During an Emergency, ETAP’s powerful optics create the desired beam to guide community out of the building. ETAP Lighting products come with a 5 year factory warranty as well as approximately 5 hours of battery.

The ESM monitored system by ETAP with run function testing cycles weekly.  Function testing will include wiring, Diode function, luminous flux, battery function.  Battery health testing will run four times a year.  The battery is drained to 90 minutes (as per ASNZ2293 requirement) and then fully fully charged.  The ESM system will record the remaining battery life and time capacity during an Emergency.  The ESM system is remote with a one off license being purchased with the products.  If the installation require  more Emergency and Exit product that exceed the license capability an additional license can be purchased.  At Bluelab, we can help NCH Maintenance maintain the system in a remote capacity.

The biggest challenge in commissioning this project was trying to find the K9 Mini’s in the spaces.  The mini’s were so well hidden.

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